Web Videos

Web Videos

What is a web video?

A web video is a live action video that is shared over Internet, as opposed to ‘traditional’ broadcast mediums like Television or Film. Web video is most often delivered via a web browser, using the ubiquitous Adobe Flash Player or alternatives such as Apple QuickTime, RealPlayer, or HTML 5. The most popular web video site is of course, YouTube, but the nature of the medium means that anyone with a domain name, a server, and a connection with enough bandwidth can offer video for streaming or for download. Thus to fall under the category of a Web Video, a work must have first been posted or be available primarily on the Internet.

Trends in digital video content.

With the digital shift, the rise of online video content is increasing the share of marketing spend. It’s dominance across digital channels is undebatable and its growth seemingly inexorable. With as much as 85% of Facebook’s 8 billion daily video views may be taking place without any sound, marketers are catching on to the benefits of transcribed video content. Also the approach towards virtual reality marketing will become more clearer as it has for gaming, travel & leisure, real estate and other industries. Amidst social and political issues, like global warming and growing instability in many regions of the world, we are more likely to see brands making more and more purpose driven videos to emotionally connect with the audience.

Web Videos

Web Videos

Super successful web video marketing tips.

A very common tip you must have come across by now is to center your video around the story and not the sale. Once you make your audience clear about your value proposition, customers are bound to gravitate towards your brand. One fifth of your viewers are likely to click away on alternative videos if your video does not convey the key message within the first 5-10 seconds. That’s a lot of pressure over the first few seconds but by asking a question or using teasers, you can tap into the audience's curiosity and get them hooked to your video. A little humor never kill nobody. Your customers are more receptive when you emotionally associate your video. Lastly, optimize your video with SEO efforts and educate your customers.

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