What are tech/Software Videos?

In today’s digital age, technology giants are accomplishing impressive milestones, and they’re using video to showcase all their achievements, new products, and visionary endeavors. The fact that major companies on the cutting-edge of technology and digital media are relying on video speaks volumes about the power of effective video marketing.

Different types of tech/software videos:

Product Explainer Video - When companies are targeting decision-makers, they need to make sure they can explain products in a way that buyers understand quickly. Software services are often easier to comprehend when they’re explained through a story-based structure that allows business leaders to fully grasp how the products could improve their operations.

Data Visualization Video - Analytics and numbers tend to be dry in writing and reports, but an animated video can make this data come alive in a way that expresses the stories these numbers actually represent. Animated graphs and charts can present data sets in a memorable and engaging way.

Demo Video - Sometimes the best way to describe your product is with an example of how it works. An animated video can demonstrate how a company can use your software or app to improve a pain point. By implementing a short narrative structure, explainer videos allow viewers to come away with a better idea of how they can put your technology to work.

Customer Service Video - Certain tech products can be difficult to learn and manuals can be easily misplaced and overlooked. Videos can offer an additional resource, providing engaging visual aids to help customers quickly understand how to operate a new software system or tech gadget. Users can return to these videos as often as necessary, allowing them to make the most of their purchase.

FAQ Video - Companies that make software or mobile applications often receive a significant number of questions from customers about product use. You can save time by providing a video that addresses some of the more frequent queries, so that customers don’t necessarily have to resort to making a phone call to a customer service representative.



Benefits of Using An Explainer Video in the Tech Industry

Harnessing the power of the explainer video can provide great benefits for tech companies. Technology products can often be hard for consumers to wrap their heads around, making it difficult for these individuals to correctly assess their need for an item. Video solves this problem by presenting information in a way that people can easily remember. An explainer video helps potential clients develop a more thorough understanding of how your software system, app or other tech product actually functions in the real world. This helps them think not only about your product, but its potential outcome on operations as well.

As a result of all these attributes, an explainer video can significantly increase website conversions.

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