Storytelling Videos

Storytelling Videos

Basics of storytelling videos.

Everyone loves a good story. Stories capture our attention, draw us in, and stay with us long after we’re done watching. With storytelling videos, you have the potential to have a lasting impression on your audience. Think out loud and write the way you speak. By this we mean to bend the rules of grammar un pun and attempt to write a script that sounds more engaging and credible. A lot of brands are experimenting with music only videos. This is a new approach in storytelling which is amplified with graphics, text, visual effects sans voice over. Avoid falling in the trap of producing your video according to what appeals to you personally. Always base your style and tone to what your audience likes.

What is effective video storytelling?

Content producers upload 300 hours of new video content every minute. So how can you produce a video that will get you noticed out of the clutter? Few basics like relatable storytelling, brevity and stylizing your video can go a long way in effective storytelling. With the art of storytelling, you can show an amazing story about why your product is great and allow them to discover it themselves, rather than telling people about its features. Including all information in one long video is a passe. Video storytelling helps you to give the same information in a crisp, concise and emotional connect to your customers. Video production has audio, visuals, text, animation, graphics and music at your disposal. Use it to your strength with different styles and appeals while editing your video.

Storytelling Videos

Storytelling Videos

Storytelling secrets.

Having a single point of view and communicating it in a simple and elegant way is the key. Audiences will remember how you made them feel even more than they remember what you said. After the last frame in your video, if the audience remembers who you are and what you had to say, your video has done the job right! Last but not the least, compelling videos give your existing audience a sense of pride, which leads to sharing it on social media and other platforms. So think again before you pen down your thoughts as enticing videos help to develop a loyal fan base.

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