What are Startup videos?

So you have taken the dive and started a new business! And now you need to get the word out there and let potential investors, clients and consumers know what it is all about too. There is no better alternative to do this than with a startup video.

The main goal of a startup video is to get your message out into the world in the most eye-catching way possible. They don’t need to break the bank or burn a hole in your pocket. If it is crisp, creative, catchy and clear about what you provide, then traction for your new company will start building and success will be just around the corner!

Do all Startups need a video?

You will be doing yourself a huge favour if you invest in a good startup video maker company. However success is absolutely possible without one. In an age where most of us get our information by pressing ‘play’, video is undoubtedly the quickest, most convenient and most popular way to convey your message across.

Through online sharing, there is no other medium that is as widely distributed as video. It acts as a modern day ‘word-of-mouth’; the best way of advertising you could possibly ask for!



The secret sauce to a successful startup video

  1. Length - The shorter the better! Preferably you want your clip to last around a minute. But extending more than 90 seconds is really too long. As there is so much chaos on the internet, most viewers will switch to something new as soon as they lose interest.
  2. Complexity - Simplicity is the key. You might have a head brimming with ideas, which is great. But don’t overload your video with a lot of text and ideas that aren’t necessary. The more organized the content, the clearer the message.
  3. Appearance - Your advert should be like a treat for the eyes and sound to the ears. So take enough time to work on the pe-production work like the design, artwork and imagery of your video clip.

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