Sales Videos

Sales Videos

Steps in making a sales video.

These days video is all the rage. Our generation has been conditioned to consider TV and internet as a believable and reliable medium of communication. So let’s look at the steps of making a sales video.

Introduction - Keep your intro as brief as possible. Your audience knows you’re making a video. So wrap up your intro by saying the essentials and talk more about the objective of your video.

Use interesting anchors - Just like news anchors use headlines to catch attention of the audience, even you can use bold claims as bait to keep your client / audience engaged.

Reframe - This is the challenging section of the video as it takes a lot of convincing after the bold claims. You can support your claims using facts & figures and by demonstrating how one can achieve what you are trying to promise in your video.

Offer - Offers need to be short, to the point and quick. Your audience will be more inquisitive about what you’re proposing if you give them realistic and lucrative offers that are desirable.

Call to Action - This is not only a frame that only shares your social media links, website domains or phone numbers. You can also include a link to avail the offer to your audience or attach a link to complete a form.

How to make your video stand out.

Don’t make sales obvious in your video. You can divert your approach by being more playful yet promotional. Every brand has a voice and stance. Use it to be more trustworthy and keep it consistent, even in your branding and marketing activities. Simple tips like starting your video by asking a question and instantly grab your audience’s attention. Personalize your video by commenting real time to the queries. Try teaching instead of selling by creating a need for your product, introducing a pain point and giving a solution for the same. Adding testimonials increases the credibility of your video.

Sales Videos

Sales Videos

Types of Sales videos.

  1. Employee Bio Videos - These videos help to keep your employees in a customer or client-facing role. This helps to build familiarity and trust amongst your audience. A good way of marketing can be by adding these videos in your employee’s signature or on your website.
  2. Product / Service page videos - What is more convenient? Reading the features of your product with lengthy text on your website or showcasing the same in the form of a high quality video? You can reduce the burden of reading and replace it with viewing your prospective video.
  3. Bad Fit videos - This is a new approach in sales video making where you make it crystal clear about which audience you are targeting and which you’re not. This automatically creates interest for the ‘good fit’ audience and makes you look transparent and trustworthy.

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