Public Relations Videos

Public Relations Videos

What is Public Relations Video?

Creating videos for public relations requires you to be at the top of your game for your client. Within a very short window of time you must get attention, engage your audience and inspire them to take action. If your client is currently an unknown or someone with a poor reputation/record, the PR video is very delicate. You need to decide how to approach unapproachable topics, show your client in the best light, and leave your audience with a lasting good impression both of your public relations video and the client.

Each fine detail must be attended to to achieve the desired results. Something as simple as the lighting on someone’s face can leave a positive or negative impression. And beyond that it’s about knowing your client’s target audience and conveying the message in terms to which they relate and a tone that will inspire.

Why make PR Videos?

Using video for communication is becoming increasingly popular with more businesses realizing the power of video to reach their target audience. YouTube is currently the second largest search engine, after Google, with 800 million unique users per month. This means there is a large number of people watching and engaging with videos every day, which your business should be taking advantage of. It’s then a great idea to include video in your PR strategy to communicate a message in a different way and increase engagement with your audience.

Public Relations Videos

Public Relations Videos

Five Reasons Why Video Will Be Crucial For PR

  • Print is still in decline.
  • Digital newsrooms are shrinking.
  • The role of video editor is on the rise.
  • Distribution remains at the crux of effective content marketing.
  • It’s how people are consuming news.

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