Promotional Videos

Promotional Videos

What are promotional videos?

Promotional videos are an effective tool to showcase the features of your products or services. These videos are designed in a way to attract maximum viewers. So you make sure that you portray your products and services in a positive light, which makes people want to buy from you. It’s important that promotional videos speak straight to the point. These type of videos are not longer than 10 to 15 minutes. The more brief the duration of the video, the more the audience will absorb information conveyed from your video. Along with video production, it is essential to focus on marketing your promotional video through exhibitions, social media, digital marketing and the likes.

What really matters in promo videos?

Quality = Attention span. As Seinfeld said, “There is no such thing as an attention span. There is only the quality of what you are viewing.” If you are planning to make a promotional video, you need to make sure that your video is executed in good quality, interesting and compelling for your viewers. A successful promo video is the one which is actually liked and watched by your target audience. A lot of entrepreneurs have noticed a consistent fall in their views when they attempted to make a sales pitch promotional video. This is why you should avoid sounding salesy as nobody likes to be pitched. Rather your video should be way more than just a promo video and put forward your proposal in a passive and creative fashion.

Promotional Videos

Promotional Videos

Benefits of a promotional video.

Promo videos are a good way of increasing traffic for your website. On an average, a demo video only receives 10% percent views on a website. By giving away freebies or attractive promises like e.g. first 20 people get a chance to win conversion optimized timeframes; one can increase website traffic by upto 25% percent! Your promo video is like the TV commercial for the internet. But unlike a TV commercial that pumps in lakhs of money for a few spots, a promotional video can be made and marketed in a fraction of that cost. Also promo videos fetch you a more targeted and relevant audience rather than targeting the masses.

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