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The challenge:

Our client Karnavati University, knew they wanted something to tell the story of students and faculty while also showcasing the USPs of the private university. What better than a first person narrative that showed the campus, the facilities, the culture and the academic rigour of the place.

The solution:

For Orange Videos, the process involved creating a script structure, choosing the right faces to be on camera and scanning the entire campus for shots that would add meaning to the video. There were numerous campus visits to capture aerial drone footage of one of the most beautiful colleges in India.
From high up above, these drones have captured stunning clips of building blocks around the campus, showing off their picturesque natural surroundings, striking architecture and most eye-catching features from an overhead view, allowing us to get a better idea of where and how the campus was laid out. We interviewed real students and faculty members and caught glimmers of their real, everyday life. What’s great about this collection of testimonial videos is that, even though it appears that these are disjoint views of different people, the seamlessly weave a story about the university.

Karnavati University (KU) is a State Private University in Gujarat dedicated to excellence in teaching and focused on interdisciplinary learning. It is located in Uvarsad near Gandhinagar. KU’s Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID) is among the top design institutes in India.

United World
Live Action

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