2D Animation

The challenge:

There are a lot of options when it comes to printing business cards and office stationery. However, not all printers do a good job of something as basic as printing. PrintStop is a pioneer in the online printing segment, providing a strong value proposition for its customers – from storing open files on the cloud to a design studio for custom designed stationery. The video had to capture the USPs of the offering.

The solution:

This was one amongst a series of videos we made for PrintStop. The founders, Milap & Siddhi, were clear that they wanted to focus on the ease of use and the hassle-free nature of the service. Since a major selling point of the service is the online ordering, it was important to center the animation around it. To keep the video interesting, we worked a story telling approach of an entrepreneur and his struggles with getting the basic office printing right. This not only helps the core audience feel more connected and but reminds them of how it helps their everyday lives.

PrintStop provides online printing services for individuals and corporate in India. Their end-to-end digital printing and offset printing services are online, from designing to delivery.

2D Animation

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