mUrgency App

2D Animation

The challenge:

mUrgency, an emergency medical response app, wanted a video that showed how availability of emergency services with one tap leads to better care and lower mortality rate. The mobile app makes emergency response available in under 9 minutes in urban areas. For us that meant creating a concept that showed the use cases for the innovative solution.

The solution:

While our primary goal was to showcase the emergency medical response network, we are keen on widening the use case showcase as an inclusive and comprehensive medical service platform on the mobile phone. To keep the video interesting, the environment of the video moves between device screens to where the core audience is – in office, outdoors and at home.
We created a series of videos, with similar textured style, to build a cohesive collection while also maintaining viewer’s interest to keep them watching.

mUrgency app is live on iOS and Android app stores and several features are accessible across the world already.

Graphic Animation

Check out the whole series below!

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