Malabar Gold

Graphic Animation

The challenge:

Malabar Gold & Diamonds challenged us with coming up with a high quality, engaging explanatory video to showcase its enterprise mobile app, M-connect.

The solution:

The first challenge we faced was the stiffness of the deadline. We had less than three weeks to deliver a series of three videos. This meant there was no time to commit errors and rectify.

We started off by creating small 15 second samples and by way of this the client gauged our understanding, capability, professionalism and other qualities like timeliness and adherence to brand guidelines. In addition to it, prompt feedback from the client gave us an exact idea regarding the expectations.
After due approval from the client, 3 resources were exclusively assigned on this work. Based on the script and creative sent, our animators started to create the 2D animation. We firstly created a storyboard animation to precisely accommodate the script. Our QA team was alert throughout the project to ensure that the output was in line with our own set standards of excellence.

Malabar Connect (M-Connect) consolidates Business Activity Monitoring and Operational Process Management across multiple vertical businesses on a single platform. M-Connect brings information and workflows closer to the stakeholders in near real time. It replaces the overload of paper processes, internal emails, and spreadsheets with easy and detailed dashboards by connecting with various business applications securely.

Malabar Gold & Diamonds
2D Animation

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