Graphic Animation

The challenge:

L’Oreal challenged us with finding a way to quickly show customers that with online booking, they can set up a salon appointment for any service that they wanted – without the hassle of an elaborate discussion with a cosmeceutical expert. Is was important that the video show Skin Scan app’s recommendation feature for a range of skin conditions and skin concerns. A tight timeline to meet the launch date was an added challenge.

The solution:

We wanted to show how easy it was to use the app and how in a few simple steps, a user could understand the right treatment for her skin based on her skin type, skin condition and skin concern. We were aware that women are apprehensive to discuss some issues face-to-face with a beautician or are concerned that an expensive treatment might be suggested to them.
A do-it-yourself app gave the user a certain power and we highlighted that in the video. Since it was our tech team that had worked on the UI of the app, we wanted to make sure we carried over some beautiful imagery into this animated video too.

Cheryl’s Skin Scan is a mobile app from L’Oreal that relies on algorithms to analyze skin care needs. The app performs a facial analysis from the responses provided by the user and recommends treatments based on personal data and best practices from skincare experts.

Graphic Animation

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