Live Action

The challenge:

JMC Projects came to us needing an interesting way to present the company’s capabilities. They wanted to avoid a boring me-too video, and needed to make sure that their expertise as a leading EPC player came out strongly. So, we set out to visit 4 cities, over 25 projects and put together an ambitious film about an ambitious infrastructure company.

The solution:

The making of the video was a rigorous exercise, travelling across the breadth of India to capture some of the iconic projects built by JMC. The video provides a tour of the areas that make up the infrastructure business, with particular emphasis on competitive positioning: technologies, know-how, innovation and people’s commitment.
The video involved live shoots, climbing atop a 30-storeyed building to get a perfect metro run shot, almost-missed flights and visits to some of the most iconic buildings of modern India.

JMC Projects has evolved as a prominent engineering and construction services company thriving on its technical capabilities, built over last several years and strong will power, to provide value to customers.

JMC Projects
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