Live Action

The challenge:

How do you capture the impact of a grassroots initiative that gave a new lease of life to farmers in some of the most drought prone districts of India?

The solution:

For Emmbi Industries, an established manufacturer of woven polyethylene and polypropylene products, the Avana foray was a watershed movement. It was about changing the face of Indian agriculture, one farm pond at a time. The communications team wanted to bring out this scale of this impact through video.
We suggested the documentary style that is considered to be the most honest style of video production. Planning a series of 4 documentary films started with a full description of the desired key messages and stories to be told. Script ‘structures’ rather than full scripts were prepared – after extensive travel to remote villages to interview the participant heroes and understand their stories. An exhaustive schedule accommodating all the players’ and clients’ availability was created. The production team covered over 5,000 kilometers over a 2-week schedule. The work involved collaboration with come of India’s iconic voice-over artists to bring out the inspiring vision of the company.

Avana means ‘protection’ in Sanskrit. Avana’s mission is to engage in activities that protect farmer’s income from uncertainty. Avana is dedicated to improve the lives of farmers by offering them a range of solutions that help in the storage, transportation, conservation and harvesting of water, apart from fulfilling the irrigation needs of farmers. Avana has already helped conserve over 13 million liters of water in India!

Live Action

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