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Live Action

The challenge:

Sometimes it’s just easier to show than tell. The product is great, but unless you can see how it works and get a feel for how you might use it, it’s a hard sell. When CMS was launching an innovative automatic retail cashier machine, it wanted to showcase the intuitive interface of the new product prototype. They needed a video that would help them pitch their product to potential customers and help them see the value in it.

The solution:

We created a product walkthrough – a combination of the use cases, the technological features of the product, and the benefits that it would bring to the users.
The video was shot in a record time with meticulous planning and on-the-spot improvisations. The edit was successful in creating a product video that provided a context for the product and is a good example of how the content was even more engaging through sketches and animation.

CMS Info Systems Ltd. was formed in 2009 following an investment by the Blackstone Group to acquire majority stake in certain key businesses of CMS Computers. In 2011, CMS Info Systems Ltd. acquired Securitrans India Private Limited, thus consolidating its position as the leading cash management services company in India.

Live Action

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