BainBridge Navigation Pvt. Ltd.

Live Action

The challenge:

There are so many shipping companies out there, but few take the time and energy to set themselves apart like BainBridge Navigation. A young team lead by the dynamic Deepak Sharma, they came to us with the challenge of producing a brand film to talk about their unique proposition, their processes and their growth. It was our job to capture that spirit.

The solution:

The canvas of the video came from what any marine business has to offer – the expanse of the vast seas, the mighty vessels, the adventure of the seafarers and the dynamism of modern, global business. Our storyline captured the company culture. Our video opening took a dramatic approach where we introduced stock footage of the seas, the ports and the merchant vessels. From there we transitioned to testimonial footage and interviews of the founding team, their employees and a typical office day in action.

BainBridge Navigation is a leading operator and owner active in dry bulk segment. It is primarily engaged in offering customized and efficient freight solutions to clients across the world. It is head quartered in Singapore with a strong presence in India.

BainBridge Navigation
Live Action

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