AbRe Business Advisors

Graphic Animation

The challenge:

We're a small business that faces the same challenges that many SMEs face, so when AbRe Business Advisors came looking for a video, we were all in. This boutique business advisory firm helps small and medium businesses scale up and raise growth capital. The sophisticated animation helped AbRe Business Advisors define their philosophy and their offerings better.

The solution:

Like any good explainer video, we setup the problem and made sure the pain points would resonate with the target audience – lack of a sound business model, insufficient access to capital and on-existent business plans. From there, we shift focus to the philosophy of AbRe.
Later the expertise of AbRe and how it makes scaling business a predictable variable. The colorful 2D illustrations and flowing transitions help retain viewer engagement and deliver a compelling message.

AbRe Business Advisors is a growth enabler for businesses that aids in strengthening and funding businesses to help them scale up and thereby unleash their potential.

AbRe Business Advisors
Graphic Animation

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