Landing Page Videos

Landing Page Videos

Ways to optimize your landing page videos to generate conversions.

Your video is like the ‘Star of the Show’. If the video hides at the bottom of your page, between a lot of text, you are likely to lose out on views. Place the video where its at the top and easily accessible for the audience. An attractive thumbnail is the real thing in videos these days. Use of attractive colors and graphics make your thumbnail stand out. Optimize the size of your video player and aspect ratio as the video will be accessed on different devices and sizes of screen. Since you want to collect genuine data of the views, avoid the auto play option. It’s important to keep your video content valuable and short so the next time you make an appeal to your audience to watch the video, they do not hesitate. Include call to action by the end or throughout the video and optimize your video with SEO.

Best landing page video practices.

The choice of whether to use animation or live action video for your landing page depends on your industry, competition and various other factors. However taking the road less travelled helps in differentiating your video from your competition. Educating your audience should be the prime focus of your video. The audience should understand how your product / service can benefit them. Your landing page video should act as your landing page with one goal, supported by a specific action you want your audience to take with a call to action. Your video has the power to engage visitors. So create a storytelling video by focusing on the pain points of the audience and communicate about how the call to action button can remove that pain.

Landing Page Videos

Landing Page Videos

Why is it necessary to have a landing page video on your website.

Landing page videos work best for complex products. For e.g. if you’re a SaaS (Software as a Solution) company, you can effectively convey your message with a well explained video. Video landing pages entertain your prospects. If your video has the power to entertain your audience, chances are you can win the race to the finish as people respond positively to emotional cues. Your video can function as an offer to your visitors if it adds value to them. This can be achieved by providing offers as bait like a link to a recorded hidden chapter for a book or a trial subscription.

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