3D Animated Videos

3D Animated Videos

What are 3D Animated Videos?

3D animation is a type of marketing strategy used by companies to not only entice the viewers for a particular product or service but also can reflect the overall standard and vision of your business. 3D animated video is a phenomenal way to communicate a message that may be tough to explain other than by using conceptual animation.

3D animated video is a video created with three-dimensional moving images with a digital treatment. It is created with the use of 3D models or objects created using animation software for exporting picture sequences giving them the illusion of animation or movement.

Steps involved in a 3D animation process?

  1. Concept and Storyboards
  2. 3D Modelling
  3. Texturing
  4. Rigging
  5. Animation
  6. Lighting
  7. Camera Setting
  8. Rendering
  9. Compositing and Special VFX
  10. Music and Foley
  11. Editing and Final Output
3D Animated Videos

3D Animated Videos

Difference between 2D & 3D animated videos?

The first concept you must understand is that 3D means 3 dimensional and 2D means 2 dimensional. Now before you think I’m stating the obvious, let me go on to say that 3D and 2D in animation refers to the dimension in which the animation was created. Ahhhh. The plot has a twist eh?

For 2D animation, everything is designed on a 2-dimensional platform. Pictures are flat, without depth and reflect only one perspective. Objects and characters are usually drawn without the soft shadows we see in real life and colours have few varied shades. In 3D animation, everything is created on a 3-dimensional platform. Pictures have depth and offer multiple perspectives just like in real life and have soft subtle shadows cast on the characters that are designed. In 2D animation, the characters look cartoonish and unrealistic. In 3D animation, characters can look cartoonish but realistic at the same time.

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